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SL1 LED Headlight Conversion Kit for 2016-2020 Subaru Crosstrek

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This package contains everything you need to upgrade your Subaru Crosstrek headlight housing to feature Diode Dynamics SL1 LED bulbs. These St. Louis made LED lights meet the street legal output of headlights and feature a super simple installation.

What's Included

2 sets of SL1 LED Bulbs with 1 set of Anti-Flicker Modules for the high beams (9005).

Great for New & Used Vehicles

An LED headlight conversion is perfect for replacing faded halogen bulbs but is also an affordable way to upgrade your new vehicle purchase.

Tested to Perform

SL1 bulbs are tested in factory lamps and measured using specialized equipment. The entireĀ beam pattern is mapped, and compared to the total outputĀ of the original halogen. With proper optical engineering, testing, and validation in the application, these are assured to have correct optical performance.

1,630 LumensĀ 

The single-intensity LED bulbs emit 1,630 lumens (each) of cool white illumination and featureĀ several generations of cooling technology. They have a direct-solder copper core board, thermal phase-change interface material, and thermally-modeled zinc casting get heat to the base. This allows for a longer-lasting bulb and easier installation without mounting additional parts.

Anti-Flicker ModulesĀ 

TheseĀ modules are designed to condition factory power signals, both by smoothing out flickering signals to the output, and by replicating the power consumption of a halogen bulb, to avoid vehicle "bulb out" warnings that usually come with LED or HID power draws. These units simply plug inline, either between the bulb and factory connector for LED bulb installation.

  • 1,630 Lumens Per Bulb
  • Longer Lasting than Halogen Bulbs
  • Correct optical focus for increased output with no added glare
  • Perfect H11 and 9005 fitment, no modification needed
  • Designed and validated to OEM lighting standards
  • Engineered and Assembled in USA
  • For more questions about this product, please Contact UsĀ