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1-Inch Install Squeegee - Premium Suede

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Equip yourself with the professional tools to do the job right. This 1-inch size works well with small or delicate vinyl graphic applications, such as a nameplate overlay.


Installation squeegees (sometimes called install cards) let you force away air bubblesĀ out from under the graphic without marring the surface.Ā The soft suede glides over the vinyl's surface leaving nothing but a clean installation in its tracks.Ā 


The high-quality suede edge allows for installation of films without scratching or marring the graphic. This is especially important on non-gloss films such as satin or matte black.

The hard plastic edge works great for firm pressure on top of masked graphics, such as a emblem overlay graphic.Ā 


  • Includes 1 Suede Squeegee Card
  • Make Installs Easier and Faster
  • Best for Medium and Small Installs
  • Designed For The Automotive Industry
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